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Consultations & Fees

Homeopathy and Bio-Energetic Health Screening

I offer a free, no obligation 'getting acquainted' 15-20 minute telephone call:

I realise that it may be difficult to know if the therapies that I use would be right for you. It's only natural to want to know a little bit more about me, how I may be able to help you and whether you feel that you and I could work together. As important, is whether I believe that I can help you and the issues you want sorted out. By having an introductory chat, we can explore any concerns, answer any questions and hopefully work out the next step.

Initial Consultation

The first consultation is extremely important. A full and thorough case history needs to be gathered so that I can match the most suitable remedy to your particular individual condition. To be able to do that, I need to have an understanding of you and your lifestyle.

This first meeting between us can last up to an hour and half and any remedies prescribed are included in the fee of:

NutriVital Health in Petersfield: £150  or  £120 in Wickham

Follow-Up Consultation

Follow-up appointments are usually about an hour in duration and also include any additional prescription that may be required. The frequency required for follow-up visits will depend of the nature of your condition but generally a follow-up would be 4 to 5 weeks after the initial consultation and then at an interval agreed between us.

These appointments are:

Petersfield: £100.00  or  Wickham £80.00

Telephone consultations

Calls made to check on instructions, reporting progress or seeking advice regarding current treatment are included in the consultation fees.

A 'telephone consultation' is available for the treatment of emergencies and common acute illnesses that may require a prescription and other situations where a personal consultation is not immediately possible. A fee of £60.00 is chargeable in these instances.

Skye and Telephone Initial and Follow-up consultations are available at £40 per half hour - please call me or email me for further details.

SCENAR Pain Relief Treatment:

Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation and treatment (up to an hour)

Petersfield: £100 or Wickham £80

Additional Follow-Up treatments (up to half an hour)

Petersfield: £50 or Wickham £40

Home Visits

There is an additional charge to cover travelling time and expenses from Petersfield / Wickham

Within a radius of 5 miles £15
Between 5 and 15 miles £20
Between 15 and 25 miles £30

Reduced travelling rates are available for multiple consultations in the same location.

Discounted rates for consultations at Care and Residential Homes, Special Schools, Health Clubs and similar establishments.


Contact Me

Donna Draper BSc(Hons)Hom, RSHom, LCCH

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