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The first time you come to see me, I will spend a few minutes explaining how our time together will be spent. I will need to do some basic ‘admin’ things like recording your contact details and who your GP is. The rest of the consutation time will be in the form of a conversation between us, where you have the opportunity to explain what you would like homeopathy to help you with and I will ask you some questions about your lifestyle, your previous medical history, your likes & dislikes, your moods and other general questions. This information will help me to gain an understanding of you as a whole person and although the symptoms of whatever brings you to see me are very important to know and understand, it is also crucial that I have a more holistic picture of you, so that I can find the right remedy to help you.

You don’t have to bring anything with you, but if you are taking any medications or supplements, it is helpful to know their names and the frequency that you take them.

It is also useful to let me know what vaccinations you have had, especially any that you had a reaction to, these include any jabs you had before travelling to foreign countries.

Dates of any illnesses or accidents are also very helpful to have.

In the case of infants – it is very useful to see their red health record book.

This is very difficult to predict, as every one is different and the way you respond to remedies is unique to you.

If your health condition is a chronic one; that is, one that has developed over a number of years and perhaps it has got progressively worse, then it may take several months to get back to optimum health.

If the condition is ‘acute’ and has flared up suddenly then it is likely it will clear up as quickly.

Homeopathic treatment is a ‘process’ that gently and subtly nudges the body back into harmony and balance – the time this takes varies according to your general state of health, your life style, your every day ‘stress’ levels and many others factors.

So, you may not have found the answer you were looking for, primarily because I cannot predict how any one individual will respond.

You pay at the time of the consultation. I accept credit/debit cards as well as cheques and cash. If you wish to pay by Paypal before your consultation – let me know in advance and I will give you more information.

Your payment covers your consultation and any remedies that I prescribe for you. Generally, your remedies will be sent to a few days after you have seen me, once I have had time to give your case considerable thought and have worked out the best possible treatment for you.

You are also welcome to contact me throughout your treatment if you need any advice or concerns.

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