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How does Homeopathy work?

Our bodies are in a constant state of self repair. We know that if we cut or bruise ourselves, our bodies will automatically start the restorative healing process. This is true for all parts of our body but sometimes the body needs a bit of help to stimulate the correct healing process. The correctly prescribed remedy will maximise the body's own healing processes and help to restore the patient naturally back to the best level of health possible for that particular person. It is gentle, subtle, yet very powerful.

Homeopathic remedies are 'dynamic' in that they work on an energetic level. In many of the remedies used by professional homepaths, there is no material from the original substance actually in the remedy - but that does not mean that there is nothing there!

We cannot 'see' electricity but we know it is there and it works for the things we choose to use it for. Homeopathic remedies are similar in a way, in that they all vibrate at certain energetic frequencies - it is the interaction between that energy and the energies in our body that stimulate the healing process.

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