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What can the ASYRA discover about your health?

The information gathered from a screening includes:

Imbalances and weakness in organ systems

The screening will identify which of the major organs of your body are currently in a stressed or weakened state. As organ systems in the body are linked both physically and energetically, the system can also indicate possible root causes of the imbalance.

Nutrition needs and food intolerances

Nutritional screening provides an excellent indicator of your vitamin and mineral requirements and of any food sensitivities or intolersances that you may have. It also identifies any dietary absorption problems. The screening provides a basis for appropriate nutritional advice and diet reviews, which I recommend as a good base for all patients seeking to improve their overall health.

Allergies - Environmental and allergen sensitivity

This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of deeper level imbalances. The ASYRA will indicate the homeopathic remedies particularly relevant to you, that will potentially de-sensitise the aggravating allergens.

Toxic load in the body

The presence of toxins influence health strongly, so I use the screening to identify any toxins that are affecting your health. I pay particular attention to how well your liver is functioning, since it is a major detoxification organ. Ensuring that your body regulates toxins effectively is an essential part of any treatment program.

The Asyra is a very advanced, versatile and sophisticated piece of equipment. There are many different tests and protocols that can be used and I select the most appropriate ones for each person. I find that when Asyra is used in conjunction with a full homeopathic consultation, a powerful healing treatment package can be put together.

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