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What is Transformational Health and Wellness Coaching?

Coaching  is a process by which people are empowered to move from a place in their lives that they are currently in to a place where they would like to be.

It is about finding clarity and understanding which allows us to return to a place of good health and well-being.

There is no definitive meaning to the term ‘Transformational Health & Well-being Coaching’ but the way that I work is holistic in its approach and coming from a place of understanding about who we really are and where our experiences come from.

There are many mis-understandings and myths surrounding the true nature of our experiences. We tend to 'blame' outside causes, circmstances beyond our control, other people, life events for the stresses and strains of our daily lives. Our mental and emotional health (or ill-health) is so often attributed to things that outside of our control.

In actual fact, we are all capable of regaining our peace of mind and emotional well-being at any moment. Our experience of life originates only from within ourselves. Throughout our lives, we become dis-connected from our inner wisdom and guidance, which leads to stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and so much more.

The universal principles that govern our entire psychological and emotional experience, as uncovered by Syd Banks in the 1970's, can help us all to understand how we function and how to give up the struggle against our daily life situations. These principles, known as The Three Principles, are universally acknowledged and widely shared. They point us all in the direction of deep insight, understanding, resilience and joy.

The Three Principles is not a coaching 'technique'. It is not something you must learn or apply. You don't have to have an intellectual understanding or do hours of study to master them. The Principles can only be realised via your own personal insight.

Working with me on the Klaritas Programme will be conversational and exploratory. I will point you in the direction of clarity and understanding around who you really are and where your experiences are coming from. You will have your own insights (ah-hah moments!) into the way to transform your life. I will give you personal encouragement and a clear focus. Once you see the way things work, you will never be able to 'un-see' them. Your life will be postively impacted and changed for the good.

This programme is all about you.
It's about feeling empowered and good about yourself.
It's about connecting with your own innate wisdom and seeing the world with a new understanding.

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