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How does SCENAR work?

SCENAR therapy directly stimulates the natural adaptive processes of the body and nervous system so that the body can heal itself. The software algorithms used in the SCENAR mimic the nervous system’s own impulses and alter the signal output every few milliseconds in response to your body’s reaction.

The stimulation to your nervous system, by SCENAR, causes the brain to release the body’s own internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds to the site of pain. Included in this is a measured does of neuropeptides, some of the most powerful pain relief agents the body produces, and widely regarded as one of the most powerful healing compounds.

Within a few minutes of SCENAR treatment, the body has delivered sufficient natural chemicals to give powerful pain relief and to speed up the healing process. Stimulation of the nervous system can improve recovery and performance.

SCENAR is the next generation of pain treatment and management.

It acts non-invasively through the skin using reflex response bio-feedback of the nervous system.

It can be classified as short-pulse electrotherapy yet SCENAR differs considerably from other types of electro-stimulation, for example, the TENS machine – which has been in use in hospitals worldwide for years.


TENS are programmed to work just as our own nerve impulses do, but because the machines only send out regular, uniform pulses, their use is somewhat limited to short-term acute pain management. It doesn’t take very long for the body to get used to the signals sent out from the TENS machine, which in turn means the body stops reacting to the stimulus. The machine is then ineffective and, over time, may be counter-productive.

The sophisticated impulses transmitted from the SCENAR, through the skin to the nervous system, mimic the body’s endogenous nerve impulses. Each impulse is different from the previous one, changing every millisecond according to the body’s responses.

The SCENAR ‘listens’ to the body by recording the skin’s electrical impedance, sending a signal back to the body, ‘listening’ to the reply and then returning yet another new signal back – this is a bio-feedback and treatment ‘loop’.

This reflex bio-feedback, is in continuous two-way communication with the body, which ensures that the stimulation is both appropriate and effective.

SCENAR utilises high amplitude signals which are able to stimulate and communicate with all types of nerve fibre, including the C fibres, which make up over 85% of the nervous system. These particular fibres are responsible for the production of the body’s own powerful internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds, which include many different neurotransmitters (neuropeptides) and natural painkillers. The body’s own pain relief agents are widely known as some of the powerful healing agents.

This goes some way to explain the effectiveness of SCENAR treatment. It is these bio-chemicals that work to re-establish the body’s natural physiological state.

After an accident or surgery, during extreme or chronic stress or disease, the body will continually try to repair itself. However, the speed and effectiveness of this repair process can be dependent of what other issues the body the body is dealing with. If the body is in a weakened, stressed or distracted state, the response may be slow or impeded, allowing the condition to becoming established.

After an initial period of repair work, the body’s attention often moves to other priorities. This means that the injured, stressed or diseased part of the body remains ‘stuck’ in a low-energy pain or disease state. The area becomes isolated in terms of communication with the brain and can be a drain on our overall vitality and energy.

Usually, within minutes of treatment with the SCENAR device, your body is stimulated to deliver sufficient natural chemicals to restart the healing process, thereby relieving the pain. The healing process will normally continue for hours or even weeks after the treatment is over. The effects of the chemical changes in the Central Nervous system whilst treating one particular area, often results in aiding the treatment of other imbalances in the body.

SCENAR treatments elicit the greatest possible natural pain relief and healing response in the shortest possible time.

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